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A ducted air conditioner in the Gold Coast is considered a top product in its category – providing climate comfort at its best, whether it's on humid summer days or the chilly winter nights.

If remarkable energy efficiency is what you are looking for, then a ducted air conditioner is your best option. Plus, its design flexibility and R22 retrofitability are just more reasons that confirm why air conditioning ducts really are the best option out there. In addition, a ducted air conditioning system is a discreet, yet powerful framework that provides cooling comfort either in newly built or existing homes and buildings.

Once a ducted air conditioner is fully installed, the indoor unit will only have one controller, and this will come with modern designed grills for both functionality and aesthetics of the return air and exhaust outlets that can be mounted in multiple rooms and installed on ceilings or have bulkheads.

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Ducted air conditioning systems come with an outdoor unit and a second central indoor unit, usually installed in the ceiling, with air ducts running from the indoor unit to air outlets and sensors mounted in each room. Ducted air conditioning installation can be zoned, so you can close off certain rooms or areas that you do not want to regulate the temperature.

VRF air conditioning (variable refrigerant flow)

Considered an excellent alternative to ducted air conditioning systems, especially if efficiency and low power consumption are what you are looking for. A superb option to go with if the room you want to cool is a small or medium-sized room. It is a step up from the traditional split or duct system and a more energy efficient and cost effective aircon system to run.

Additionally, its design flexibility features allow it to be installed in tight spaces between your ceiling and roof. A superior way to incorporate your air conditioner into the fabric of your home, giving you a discreet climate control system that delivers a comfortable and ambient cooler air temperature in any room or living area.

However, it is also highly recommended for medium to large commercial buildings or office spaces, as the VRF system can easily be connected to multiple rooms or areas simply by running its fluid lines in the empty spaces above your ceiling. Resulting in a clean, neat and professionally installed overhead unit.

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We can supply and install ducted and VRF (or VRV) air conditioning systems for any type of configuration. All our work is guaranteed.

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Advantages of a ventilation system with duct?

  • TEMPERATURKONTROL:Predefined temperature settings for heating and cooling to run energy efficiently.
  • ZONING CAPACITIES:This allows you to group specific rooms into zones to target predetermined heating or cooling functions rather than running the entire ductwork of your home or business, making this a more energy efficient system.
  • NIGHT QUIET MODE SETTINGS:Automatically reduces outdoor noise levels and airflow adjustments for comfortable sleeping temperatures.
  • TECHNOLOGY FOR REPENTANCE:Offers the best comfort for heating and cooling.
  • SMART HOME TEKNOLOGI INTEGRATION:Compatible with My Air and Air Touch or Wi-Fi home automation.
  • COST EFFECTIVE MAINTENANCE COST:with only one outdoor unit and filter for cleaning.
  • ALSO COMES IN VRF MODELS:Reverse cycle air conditioners can reverse the cooling cycle so they can produce heat when it's cold in winter and cooling for the hot and sticky Gold Coast summers.

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Advantages of VRF/VRV systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) or Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) Air Conditioning systems offer a highly flexible and efficient alternative to the traditional Split Air Conditioning systems.

Having only a single outdoor unit gives the VRF system its advantage over split systems if used in multi-zone buildings. Plus, an outdoor unit means that a more sophisticated capacitor technology is definitely used, but at a similar cost overall compared to split systems, while providing a higher energy efficiency.

VRF systems have more flexibility than a ducted HVAC system (where a single outdoor unit circulates conditioned air through all zones of a building), allowing individualized zones to be controlled independently with a high degree of decentralized control.

VRF systems eliminate the need for expensive ductwork and are more energy efficient than any packaged HVAC system. This is due to the lower heat loss the system incurs during its fluid transfer between its outdoor and indoor units.

VRF/VRV systems are suitable for small to medium sized buildings that have multiple zones. VRF system installations are also perfect for the narrow attic spaces as it uses a refrigerant pipe network instead of a duct, resulting in lower heat loss.

What you get with our ducted air conditioning systems:

  • A Slim-line designed indoor unit that suits most home and office interiors
  • AUTO/HEAT/COOL switching options
  • 3-stage fan
  • 7-day programmable timer function
  • Filter cleaning reminder
  • Compatible with Smart Home Automation and integration technologies

Choosing the perfect air conditioner is an important decision,and although duct systems are known to be expensive,they come with different options tailored to your needsand budget.

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What size air conditioning system do I need?

First of all, choosing an air conditioner on your own can be really difficult and risky. We care and that's why we're here to help you find the best solution available for all your Gold Coast air conditioning requirements.

Plus, a ducted air conditioning system becomes a permanent fixture once installed, and a good reason why it requires a professional assessment of either your home or office to check and identify the correct size you need. Our goal is to ensure that you get exactly the best air conditioning system that guarantees your comfort all year round. This is only because…. We do not care!

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What are Smart Systems and Smart Home Automation for air conditioning?

Smart Air Conditioning control and integration systems are equipped with the latest technologies that allow the user to control the entire air conditioning system, including all rooms, just by using only a single control device, which is basically a tablet. This can then be connected to your wifi network, providing complete smart home integration, while allowing multiple access points to access your air conditioner using an application on your smartphone.

Plus, its connectivity feature can connect the control unit to any Amazon Alexa device or others like Google Assistant, creating a fully rounded smart integration system that allows you to just talk to your aircon unit and control it using your voice and hands-free . .

The best benefit of having a smart integrated management system is how it can save you money through your utility bills. Made possible by constantly tracking its operating time and its energy and airflow management, ensuring highly efficient and energy-saving operation. In addition, the controller also allows you to pre-determine and select which rooms will be cooled or heated at any given time, including the temperature levels you want for each.

Leading smart controllers for air conditioning systems

AirTouch 4 control unit

One of our recommended controllers to use is the AirTouch 4, a controller that acts as a tablet where you can also run other smart-enabled appliances in your home that you choose to include, creating a well-integrated system. AirTouch 4 is compatible with the leading brands and is packed with lots of features so you can fully maximize the experience. AirTouch 4 boasts of its reliable and highly effective smart technology that allows a comfortable user experience while being effective and efficient. With all the necessary functions needed for a comprehensive integration of smart homes, the Advantage AirTouch 4 is truly one of the leaders in this industry.

Advantage Air 's My Air Control Unit

Another highly recommended smart control device is Advantage Air's My Air system. Comes with the full package for a well-rounded smart home integration and automation due to its wide compatibility, controllability and endless uses.

A smart air conditioning platform that integrates seamlessly with another platform of theirs called MyPlace. What this means is that once you're fully set up, why stop with your ducted air conditioner? Why not go all out and include all your smart appliances or smart enabled installations you have at home and integrate them all into one control unit such as your fans, lights, blinds, garage doors, alarm systems and many more. Plus, MyAir is compatible with all brands, making it an excellent choice and an industry leader.

Do not forget! Our customer service team is available for a live chat discussion daily fromMonday to Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.mandFridays at 7-15. Talk to us! We are here to support you with the selection process from start to finish to give you a full understanding of the process and continue until all the questions you have are explained and answered.

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Why is my ducted aircon not working? ›

One of the most common issues with ducted air conditioners is thermostat-related. This could be due to incorrect settings on the thermostat or a faulty thermostat itself. Either way, thermostat issues can lead to some problems, such as decreased efficiency and increased energy costs.

Why is my ducted aircon not cooling? ›

The reasons why an air conditioning unit may not be cooling properly could be due to a number of things. It may need re-gassing, ductwork could be damaged, it could be an electrical fault. Below are a few things we see in most cases, however its always best to give us a call if the unit seems faulty.

Is ducted air conditioning worth it? ›

In conclusion, ducted air conditioning systems are worth considering for home and business owners who want to cool or heat their entire home efficiently and effectively. These systems offer several benefits, including whole-house comfort, energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and aesthetics.

Why is ducted air conditioning so expensive? ›

Why are ducted systems more expensive to install? Much of the cost associated with ducted air conditioning is due to installation. They look great because the ducts are all hidden from sight and the outlets are low profile vents in the ceiling, wall, or (sometimes) floor.

How do I reset my AC vents? ›

How to Reset an Air Conditioner
  1. Power down your AC. Start at your circuit breaker panel and flip the breaker that powers your AC. ...
  2. Find the button. Most air conditioning units are equipped with a reset button. ...
  3. Hold down the reset button for 3 to 5 seconds and then release.
  4. Restore power to your AC.

Why is my central air conditioner running but not cooling the house? ›

The problem may arise as a result of dirty air filters, a malfunctioning fan or a refrigerant leak. In order to fix this, you'll need to call the experts. If there are leaky coils, your HVAC technician can replace them.

Where is the thermostat located on a ducted air conditioner? ›

In a standard ducted system, you will have a Return Air Grille installed in the ceiling of your hallway. Inside this Grille is a little component called a Thermostat. The Thermostat has a very important job – it senses the temperature of your house.

Where is sensor for ducted air conditioning? ›

The temperature sensor is in the return air. This sensor controls the amount of cooling or heating of the air flowing through the system.

What is the life expectancy of a ducted air conditioner? ›

One of the biggest factors to consider when looking at repairs or replacement is the age of the system. Depending on the type of unit and its care and usage, your ducted air conditioner should last up to 20 years. After that time, parts become susceptible to age, wear and tear, reducing its reliability.

Does ducted aircon use a lot of electricity? ›

Cooling an entire home means ducted systems need to be substantially more powerful, usually between 7kW and 24kW. Their power consumption goes up accordingly. On the lower end that means ducted systems cost approximately $2.20 per hour to run in summer, about 3.25x more than it costs to run a 2.5kW split system.

How long do ducted systems last? ›

A ducted air conditioning system from a reputable brand should last an impressive 15-20 years with proper care and maintenance. Neglecting regular maintenance or servicing can have a drastic impact on the lifespan and effectiveness of your system.

Why is my AC not cooling enough on hot days? ›

If your air conditioner isn't keeping up with the heat, your air filter may be to blame. A dirty air filter can obstruct the airflow path through the unit. Using a dirty air filter can also cause less energy efficiency and more costly utility bills.

Why is cold air coming from vents but not cooling my house? ›

One of the most common causes is a clogged air filter, which can restrict the airflow and prevent the air conditioner from cooling properly. Other causes can include a malfunctioning thermostat, a refrigerant leak, a problem with the compressor, leaking ductwork, or leaking windows.

Should I turn off my AC if it is not cooling? ›

What Should You Do If Your AC Is Not Cooling? Your initial response should be to shut off your AC to prevent further damage, save energy, and avoid potential hazards like overheating. After that, here are the steps you can follow: Check Your Thermostat: Make sure it's set to the correct temperature and in AC mode.

Why is my ducted aircon blowing warm air? ›

If your air conditioner is blowing out warm air, your unit's refrigerant levels might be low. This usually indicates a refrigerant leak in your system! If that's the case, your air conditioner will continue to run and blow out warm air, trying to reach the temperature you set on your thermostat.


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