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Ducted Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Looking for ducted air conditioners on the Gold Coast? Enjoy convenience, control and perfect temperatures all year round with a reverse air conditioner from Deepchill. We have proudly supplied and installed ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast, South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales since 1986 to both homes and businesses. We are confident that we offer one of the largest selections of ducted air ducts on the Gold Coast at the most affordable prices.

Installing ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast is a practical way to both heat and cool multiple rooms in your home or business. Heating and cooling is achieved through a large central fan convector hidden discreetly on your roof. Air is then pumped through a network of ducts placed in your attic cavity or mounted under your home if you have the space for it.

Deepchill has delivered andinstallation of duct air conditioningon and around the Gold Coast for over 20 years andwe pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Contact us for professional advice or a competitive quote today!

Why would you choose reverse ducted air conditioning?

Traditionally, the total ducted air conditioner on the Gold Coast price is higher than a regular split system unit due to additional work required to install the unit and the ductwork involved, but ducted air conditioners can heat or cool a room more efficiently than a split room. the system can. Ducted air conditioning systems can maintain a more uniform room temperature due to multiple vents in multiple rooms, eliminating hot and cold spots.

Ducted air conditioning uses a single compressor, making it more energy efficient when heating and cooling multiple rooms. The duct is hidden in your ceiling cavity and all that is visible is a discreet vent that can be installed flush with your ceiling, eliminating the need for an unsightly, noisy split system wall.

With reverse ducted air conditioning, you also have more control. Not only can you heat or cool your entire home with the push of a button, but you can also create zones to control the individual temperatures in each room from your central unit.channelized controller. In addition, you can also turn off heating and cooling in rooms you do not use, which will save you electricity.

Ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast is an excellent choice for families looking for total comfort and control over the temperature in their home. Deepchill's qualified technicians can help you find an air conditioning unit that is right for your home or business.

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We understand that choosing the right ducted air conditioner for the climate of the Gold Coast area can be a daunting task as there are so many different choices, price points and variables to consider. We do our best to beat all Brisbane ducted air conditioner prices in our quote to ensure you get the best deal on your new ducted system.

We stock only the leading brands such asDaikin, Fujitsu, Actron Air just to name a few, so contact us and get a free quote from one of our qualified technicians today by calling 07 5526 0199 or filling out our contact form today.

Deepchill Air Conditioning and Refrigeration ducted air conditioning service and repair on the Gold Coast and in several othersservice areasaround southeastern Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Choose your duct system from the following top domestic and international brands.

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Actronair® duct system

Deepchill has deliveredActronAir® units for over 20 years. With their award-winning ESP Plus™ model, ActronAir® offers energy-efficient air conditioning systems that can create flexible air zones for any size Australian home.

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LG® duct systems

Designed for any size home or business, an LG® ducted air system provides better temperature control in a variety of spaces. With inverter technology, anti-corrosion coating and quiet operation, the LG® model delivers quality air conditioning at an affordable price.

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Fujitsu® kanal systemer

What sets a Fujitsu® ducted air system apart is the slim design of the duct system that we install in your ceiling. This economical design does not impede the efficient circulation of air through your home or business in any way and can be modified into endless configurations in your property.

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Daikin canal systems

Daikin ducts for air conditioning are respected all over the world. Daikin is known for producing a range of slimline systems that will fit neatly into the smallest ceiling space and for its ability to deliver quality systems that can easily be adapted for retrofit solutions.

We can also supply the following brands:

Our team services the greater Gold Coast metropolitan region, as well as South East Queensland in general.

AirTouch 4

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Deepchill Air Conditioning and Refrigeration now offers the brand new AirTouch 4. With this you can take yourchannel air conditioningon the Gold Coast to a whole new level. With a fully integrated control for multiple ducted air ducts, you can reach a new level of comfort. As well as energy efficiency.

AirTouch 4 works with the popular and open voice-activated smart assistants such as Amazon Alexia and Google Assistant, so no matter who you choose to control your air conditioner, AirTouch will respond.

Plus, the AirTouch4 doubles as a tablet, so you can use the console to run your choice of smart lightning, security and entertainment apps at the same time. You can even order a meal while keeping up to date on the latest social media.

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Everyone is doing well

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16 zones – 4 units

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Integrates how you want it

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Smart Home Automation

Housing VRF/VRV



See more about our VRF/VRVher

Air Conditioning Repair Gold Coast

Have you already installed a ducted air conditioner but it's acting up? Don't worry, Deepchill air conditioning is one of the leading experts in the fieldducted reverse cycle air conditioner repairs.

We know you trust your air conditioning system to be back up and running as soon as possible. That's why we have an extensive service team ready to service and repair your ducted air conditioning system on the Gold Coast.

Do you have questions about ducted air conditioning?

We understand that buying a new ducted air conditioner on the Gold Coast is a big deal. Furthermore, we know from experience that you will have many questions. That is why we have put togetherthis listof our most frequently asked questions and their answers. Should you still have questions, you are of course always more than welcome to call us.

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Frequently asked questions

The ability to operate your system by zone and area through our modern ducted controllers makes this one of the most efficient air conditioners you can find, especially for larger homes and office buildings. Although the cost of installing ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast may initially require a larger cash outlay, the savings you make by installing and efficiently operating your ducted air conditioning can be significant on your utility bill.

At Deepchill we only use Australia's most trusted brands in reverse ducted air conditioning. Each of our brands of ducted air ducts offers its own unique features which may be more or less suitable depending on the size of your home and whether the system is fitted as part of your building or retrofitted into an existing home or office. We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of ducted air conditioners on the Gold Coast and are confident that you will find the system that best suits your home in our range.

Due to the climate of the area, installing ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. With a system that works efficiently and a central control point, most people who install air conditioning on the Gold Coast start to see cost-saving benefits in their electricity bills almost immediately. Add this to the sleek, hidden designs in the placement of ventilation ducts and main compressors, and we can confidently say that installing ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast is well worth it.

Most Deepchill customers who have installed ducted air conditioners on the Gold Coast and in our surrounding service areas of South East Queensland and Northern NSW have found that the electrical running costs are cheaper than the alternative of operating the more traditional split systems. Our professional team can help you devise the most efficient way to operate ducted reverse cycle air conditioning once it has been installed in your home or office, so that you can maximize cost-saving benefits.

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